Rabu, 14 Februari 2018

Partnership Announcement with CAFA Lab Inc.

Hello it’s Tom the CEO of BitSchool.
Today I have some great news! We have just formed a formal partnership with CAFA Lab Inc., a pioneer and leader in Computer Adaptive Formative Assessment Technology (CAFA in short) based in Washington DC, USA.
FYI, CAFA Lab Inc. has conducted research and developments in the technology-based assessment projects for over five years with various partners such as Samsung Electronics (Intelligence Solution Team), Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation (Assessment Advancement Team), CISCO Systems, and others.

Under the partnership agreement, the lab will provide consultations on CAFA’s Intelligent Assessment Engineering Systems to BitSchool. This includes Automatic item generation (AIG) using machine learning techniques; computer-adaptive formative assessment models; educational big data analytic systems; problem solving artificial intelligent (AI) System using Deep Learning Artificial Neural Network (DL ANN); diagnostic assessment system using DL ANN. The partnership agreement between BitSchool and CAFA includes but is not limited to the co-development of core technologies and licensing of the CAFA technologies and database which will become an integral source to empower the BitSchool AI engines.
Also we are planning to co-organize presentations and panel discussions at various global blockchain, AI and eLearning events. You can find more information about CAFA at http://emathtest.com/cafa or its product at https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0998129860.
We also extend our warm and open welcome to Dr. Jaehwa Choi who is in charge of overall project management at CAFA focusing on assessment system design and psychometric models, and will lead the partnership with BitSchool from the CAFA side as our key AI eLearning technology and strategy advisor.
Dr. Choi received a Ph.D. in Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation from the University of Maryland and is currently an Associate Professor and Program Director of the Assessment, Testing, and Measurement program in the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at the George Washington University. For more information, please visit his personal website at: http://Jaehwa.Choi.CAFALab.com.

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