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PRODUCTIVIST : 3D Printing will soon be using Blockchain Technology

Freelabster.com provides service for 3D printing, 3D modeling and professional help that will meet client's need in the virtual marketplace. Freelabster has more than 3000 specialist who is ready to offer their service. A specialist or manufacturer can register themselves on the website to be able offering a service, while a client who is looking for 3D printing service can fill in detail information about what he needs (budget, product, estimation time, etc) on the website. The system will find the right fit manufacturers for the client. Then, the manufacturers can bid the right amount for the project.

Freelabster found in 2016 by Benjamin Pestel, Stanislas Gobert, and Melissa Ibghi. After 2 years in the business, they saw 3D printing industry is growing rapidly in decentralization method. However, the founders think that decentralization today have several weaknesses despite its advantages. Those weaknesses are:
Inefficiency comes to the top of the weaknesses list because maintaining consistency in products and processes for a wide organization is a challenge.
Follow by expensive sourcing material that increases production cost.
The manufacturer usually asks for minimum order quantity because the per-unit cost is high, meanwhile the client demand quality and delivery time.
Unverifiable track record of new manufacturer due to lack of proof of products from past projects.
No progress tracking of the project for both manufacturer and client.
Lack of IP protection for sensitive blueprint and financial transaction.
Difficulties in finding an expert in this field because the project is the time-consuming task and an expert requires a high cost.

By those reasons, the founders come with a vision. The vision is to minimize the weaknesses above with high-quality results made by specialists in this industry using blockchains technology. They called it The Productivist Blockchain Project.

The Productivist Blockchain Project 

The Productivist Blockchain Project is similar to Freelabster process but the founder will add blockchain technology to its process. The purpose is to create a new standard of manufacturing technology by providing remote transparent transactions with secured data effectively. Productivist has "smart" device to implement its purpose. The smart device will allow any system or machine to connect to The Productivist Blockchain Project. The purpose of connecting the smart device is to guarantee authorship, safeguarding, and destination of a file by using the .stl file, monitoring real-time production from a file is being transferred until the end of the process, and detecting production time availability and sending instructions to available machines when "Commercial Mode" is on.

You might want to know how Productivist workflow on 3D printing:

  • The client asks for a project through Productivist. Then, blockchain technology will verify its ability to do the project. 
  • After verifying, Productivist will find best manufacturers that are able to do the project according to their capabilities. 
  • The selected manufacturers will have a chance to bid the right amount to the Client. Productivist will find the best offer based on the Client's need. 
  • The project will ready to be monitored from file transfer until the end of the project. 
  • 3D printing will be more efficient, safer, easier and transparent.

The Productivist Blockchain Project is open to private individuals, small manufacturers, big manufacturers, industries, blockchains, experts and customer service. 3D printing will be more efficient, safer, easier and transparent. Productivist will use ProducToken (PROD). PROD is the main currency in the blockchain using ERC-20. The purpose of using the ERC-20 network is to have smooth transactions at the lower cost. Productivist intends to use tokens for rewarding manufacturers, purchasers, experts. In that way, the tokens will have value growth and high demand. By using the ERC-20 network, PROD will be liquid and easier to exchange into any currencies.


Productivist is planning to provide a maximum of 385 million PROD tokens. If ICO transaction is less than 2 million euro than all funds will be refunded to the buyer. However, the final number of PROD tokens created will be announced after ICO.
Productivist  will allocate PROD tokens as follows:


If you wish to buy PROD tokens, then this information will help you to see the dates and bonus you can get for buying on certain dates:


You might want to have a look at their schedule to ensure that each goal is implemented successfully.


A team has been built to ensure that The Productivist Blockchain Project is running smoothly. You can see their names and position in below:

Well, that's it. Buy PROD tokens now before you miss it and make your project easier, faster, secured with the latest technology.

For more information about Productivist, follow link :
Bountyhive Username : Cryptomine
Bitcointalk Username : Cryptomine99
ETH Address : 0xd55e2E5ED69ED535fD8702F888c0B1C01b1090e8

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