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Navibration Experience: The First Decentralized Routes Social Network

Navigation systems and the manner by which peoples utilize them are regularly changing and making strides. With the coming of enhanced innovation, there has been an expansion in the requirement for the manner by which navigation system work to change. The world is always internationally open to all, and the innovation utilized necessities to mirror this. Innovation is ever progressively utilized in everyday life – a great many people approach either versatile, tablet or web based applications, and use these in their everyday lives. The drawback to this is peoples frequently miss what is happening in their general surroundings since they are excessively focused on what is happening in their telephone. Navibrate means to change this, at the same time enabling clients to stillhave the security and consolation of a mechanical perspective to their voyage.

What is Navibration?

The Navibrate platform hopes to permit its clients the capacity to have capacity to explore through a voyage without getting to their cell phone – this magnificent development in innovation implies that a client can hold their telephone in a flat form, turn around until the point when telephone vibrates, and in this way get to the navigational aptitudes they require. The telephone will then vibrate with the manner in which that the client needs to advance to achieve their goal. The decentralized and straightforward nature of the blockchain will help this stage in permitting the mutual idea of information, and the arrangement that will have the capacity to incorporate all who wish to utilize it.

How does Navibration Experiences work?

Suppose, you frequently make a trip or go to work, on excursions for work. In order not to get off your course or while getting to the opportune place, there is always internet, maps, to help. But, thanks to the new navigation system Navibration Experiences with sound guides, this should be possible without a steady following of guides on the screens of their contraptions. Sound Guides find consequently. At that point offer conceivable courses, and you go unreservedly the correct way. Coincidentally, voice-over can be in the dialect you require. It is anything but difficult to work with this platform. All things considered, the application is accessible in Google Play and the Apple Store. You can utilize it from your telephone, tablet, or even from a consistent PC.

It's substantially less demanding than running with a telephone or tablet, attempting to make sense of the maps and read the coveted course. Clients make the substance of sound guides themselves. At that point these sound guides are incorporated into the inventory, and with the assistance of a block of exchanges from the offer of every one of their sound guides, clients will be remunerated, that is, tokens. This will all be founded on a straightforward premise. The compensation framework will be executed through a shrewd contract. This is one of the huge pluses of Blocking Technologies, you should concur. It ought to be noticed that the obtaining of sound guides will be conceivable utilizing the Navicoins or FIAT tokens. Thus, if the buy of sound guides were made with FIAT, at that point they would then be able to be traded for Navicoins. It is important to spare these tokens, at what certain time, with respect to access to particularly critical activities Navibration Experiences the vital amount of tokens will be fundamental. Rewards, as well as an arrangement of rebates will likewise be presented.

ICO Details

Start Pre-sale - October 15 and last until November 5, 2018
Start Crowdsale - November 15, 2018 and will last until December 5, 2018
Name of the token - NAVI
Platform - Ethereum
Tokens for sale - 120,000,000 NAVI
The price of the token is 1 NAVI = 0.05 USD
Soft Cap - 500,000 USD
Hard Cap - 6,000,000 USD
Country - Estonia
0.1 ETH - 50 ETH 25% 3
>50 ETH - 100 ETH 30% 3
>100 ETH - 150 ETH 35% 6
>150 ETH - 250 ETH 40% 6
>250 ETH - 500 ETH 45% 9
>500 ETH 50% 9

First 1,000 ETH sold 20% 2
Second 1,000 ETH sold 10% 2
Third 1,000 ETH sold 5% 1
Note1: there will be vesting only for the BONUS tokens.
Note2: buyed tokens will be transferrable 30 days after the final sale is finished.
Note3: all unsold tokens will be burned.

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Bountyhive Username : Cryptomine
Bitcointalk Username : Cryptomine99

ETH Address : 0xd55e2E5ED69ED535fD8702F888c0B1C01b1090e8

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